How can I get A Quote?

Please call 630.330.0785 and one of our experienced Architectural Products Specialists will consult with you on the ideal architectural product for your applications, designs, and budget and will prepare you a competitive custom quotation for your project.


Who will assist me with questions and technical questions during my quotation, order and after delivery?

When you call Classic Heritage for the first time, you will be assigned an Architectural Products Representative with experience in architectural products. They will act as your guide through the process. They will begin with an initial consultation to determine your needs, and will also be your go-to person from quotation through installation.

I am interested in a Balustrade system and would like a quotation. How do I go about getting a quotation for my balustrade needs?

The first step is to call 630.330.0785 and discuss your needs with one of our Architectural Products Consultants. They will determine your needs and consult and guide you to the products that will best meet your design, application and budget requirements. We will need a floor plan from your architectural drawings, or a hand sketch with dimensions showing the layout of your balustrade to prepare you a competitive quotation for your ideal balustrade.

How can I get samples of your column materials?

Please contact us and speak with one of our architectural product consultants in regard to samples, details, or any other information you may require in the decision-making process.

Why Architects and Designers Specify Polymer Stone Columns?

Hundreds of architects across the country are specifying Polymer Stone columns for their projects due to the beauty, lifetime warranty, and durability. The monolithic seamless installed appearance and crispness of design and detail are also popular with both commercial and residential designers.

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