Polymer Stone Architectural Columns

Classic Heritage Columns have the look & feel of a real stone without all the expenses of a real stone column. Our columns weight significantly less than a stone column; the weight will be close to the weight of a polymer stone column. Our columns are installed the same way a polymer stone column is installed. At the end of our work, column looks like a real stone column at a fraction of the cost of labor & material.

Mansion with Columns and Deck

Our columns are available in FULL and Half-Split Columns.

Also, with that, we have a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. We carry everything from high-end composite columns to paint-grade budget-sensitive products.

We do offer Polymer Stone Columns (man-made stone).

Classic Heritage produces polymer stone architectural columns using a unique centrifugal system which guarantees a uniform design, and sound columns. Our polymer stone architectural columns feel and look like stone, but weigh only a portion of the weight. We are also one of the few manufacturers that can create textured surfaces on our architectural columns. All of our architectural columns are true to classical Greco Roman design and are backed by our warranty. We offer plain, fluted and twisted, and square architectural columns, with 6 capitals, 5 bases, and 6 different colors, to choose from, which give our clients a selection of 542 architectural columns. Our architectural columns also range from 6 feet tall to 36 feet and from 6 inches to 48 inch diameters.

Columns in the Garden

Columns and Capitals Available in smooth paint grade or stone textured

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