Fiberglass Balustrade Systems

The ideal finishing touches are able to make all the difference in how your home or office looks. Whether you have to remodel your place or want to build from the ground up, Classic Heritage will balance your architectural design. Our easy installation kits make it possible for you to add your personal touch to entryways, decks, or balconies.

Brick Building with Balustrade

Time changes everything, but with that styles change and so do your tastes. Redecorating your corner of the world can give you a fresh outlook on life. With an installation kit ordered through, we guarantee quality balusters, railings, and other trimmings manufactured from the best materials available. We offer a choice of styles to satisfy any decorator. The workmanship of our products can withstand weather of all types as well as the wear and tear of daily living.

When you decide to work with Balustrade Systems, you will be able to custom order balusters, railings, as well as newel caps and newel posts specially made to your specifications. We’re happy to answer questions about the technical aspects of installation or about the aesthetics of your architectural needs. Whether you need a fresh point of view for a renovation or original ideas for new building plans, let Balustrade Systems help.