High-quality balustrade systems look marvelous and are long-lasting. Balusters are the main instrument in balustrade systems to create a beautiful appearance. Balustrade systems enhance any staircase, patio, balconies, ramps, passages or any other enclosed area. Balustrade system coordinate beautifully with your existing architectural elements with architectural balustrade designs. The architectural balustrade design enhances your residential or commercial areas by giving it a sleek design, creating a beautiful space to set it apart from the rest. A perfect finishing touch is imperative to make your house or office look elegant and stylish. Whether you have new construction, or you are remodeling, there are plenty of architectural balustrade designs that will make your structure stand out.

The polymer limestone composite balustrade is made using a combination of polymer resin, limestone dust and pigment resulting in a manmade stone that is tough, hard and can be fully permeated with the color of your choice. Polymer limestone composite balustrade can be finished into a smooth texture or with a light raised texture that will surely give your building a unique look. Advantages of polymer limestone composite balustrade are:
• Durable and maintenance free.
• Very structural and decorative.
• Lighter than concrete or stone.
• Many colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

Balustrade systems are made through a very unique process which leads to giving your house a quality product. By using a unique architectural balustrade design, you can create the ambiance you desire from classical to colonial or from Italianate to contemporary. These systems let you coordinate all aspects of design, décor by using appropriate size and shape of balusters and complementing with other accessories. Baluster systems are built with longevity in mind and also ensure that you will enjoy the beauty and structure for many more years to come.